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Time Tutors - Charles II

King Charles II & Nell Gwyn

Time Tutors - Roman Park

Roman Legionary

Time Tutors - Henry II

King Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine

School Visits

Are you teaching an historical period and need a hook into the subject or something special for your ‘dazzling debut’ or ‘fab finale’?

Want to save on the time and expense of arranging an external visit by bringing history into your school?

We can bring the topic to life and make a lasting impression with a costumed historical character in your classroom.

A typical session can last up to an hour for one or more combined classes.

Our costumed character(s) will introduce themselves and describe their daily life and the world around them, the clothing / armour they are wearing and any accessories and weapons that they are carrying.

There will then be time for ‘hot seat’ questions and answers where your students can pose questions to our performer(s) who will stay ‘in character’ throughout and further develop your student’s understanding of the period.

We finish with opportunities for photographs and supervised handling of weapons and props (if applicable).

Our focus is making the experience both educational and fun and your students will be talking about our visit for months to come!

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Download an information sheet (PDF).

Additional materials:

We will provide you with:

  • An introductory sheet (PDF for you to copy) in advance of the session which has a set of prompts and suggested questions for the students to pose to your visitor.
  • A short PowerPoint slide deck of key facts that will be used during the character’s visit.
  • A short Multi Choice quiz paper (PDF for you to copy) so your students can test themselves on the new facts they have heard and reinforce the learning.

We can discuss with you in advance any specific learning outcomes you need to include.

Time Tutors - Steve Clark

About Us

Each of our team are experienced historical educators and actors, used to improvisation and staying ‘in character’, with a keen interest and knowledge of the historical period.

They’ll have a wealth of fun facts and details to share which will create lasting memories for your students.

  • We operate within a 20 mile radius of Milton Keynes (visits further afield may be arranged subject to availability and additional travel costs).
  • Your staff must be present throughout the session(s) to manage the students.
  • All our performers have DBS certification.
  • We are covered by Public Liability insurance up to £5m.

Alongside school visits, we are also available for historical events and museum days.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quotation.

Periods / characters covered

  • Ancient Greek Hoplite (KS2)
  • Roman Legionary (KS2)
  • Anglo Saxon Warrior (KS2)
  • Viking Warrior (KS2)
  • Norman: William the Conqueror (KS1)
  • Medieval Knight or Monk (KS1)
  • Tudor: Henry VIII or Queen Elizabeth I (KS2)
  • Stuarts: Guy Fawkes, Charles II, Nell Gwynn (KS1)
  • Victorian: Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale (KS1)
  • World War I: British Army Officer (KS1)

If there is another specific era or character you would like to see, please discuss your requirements with us!

We’ll take the mystery out of history!

Time Tutors - Tudor

Tudor Noble

Time Tutor - Roman 3

Roman Legionary

Time Tutors - WWI

WWI British Officer

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